A little project for a spring day

I had the slightly unusual opportunity to marbleize some exterior columns at a Pikesville synagogue today. The client wanted a subtle enhancement of the new front entry for the building, which has been evolving over the past couple of years from a house into a community center and place for worship. Two winters ago Willy Richardson and I marbleized a set of interior columns in the community meeting room, then detailed the iron handrail with some metallic accents. Recently they added a new front facade, but it was all too monochrome and needed a bit of flair.

This morning was a beautiful warm spring day, perfect to spend outside.

I decided a simple limestone finish would complement the building without calling too much attention to itself, so began with a wash of grey-green-blue in parabolic curves to follow the round structure of the columns.

This was followed by a sponged wash of ivory to add texture, close the contrast range, and to neutralize the chroma of the first wash.

One of the advantages of the limestone choice is that it does not need a sheen, which lends itself well to the exterior usage. The construction is a little bit crude, and the finish will last better if it is allowed to breathe. A sealer coat is an invitation to delamination in the long run, if moisture gets under the film. It is also appropriate for use in front of that EIFS trowelled stone block background.


 Finally I recut the capital and base in a puce tone reminiscent of the anodized bronze vestibule. There will be bronze signage applied in the arch at some point, which will give it a nice rhythm of darks for the eye to follow. 

Subtle, stone-like and unprepossessing. Just like me.

Tomorrow I will touchup and enhance the marble just a bit, and recut the trim in a second coat, and be finished. Yay!

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