Now I’ve done it.

I finally finished most of the general field inpainting on my mural and have spent the last couple of days on selective refinements: I changed the perspective on the balustrade just a little since I had a few comments from friends to indicate confusion on that, and hardened the shadows on them at the same time. I am happier with the troubadour having tackled his features and hands more aggressively. I still have to work on her features though – they are way too weak and pallid.

Today I finally got around to my long anticipated reglazing of the balustrade drapery, and I think I may have overdone it. I like how dramatic it has become, but the rest of the painting now feels vapid by comparison. I now have to punch up the shadows on everything else to bring it into balance. In the end, this will give me the dark renaissance moodiness I am hoping for, but I wonder how much will have to be pretty well repainted to get there.

He seems worried about it.

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