BUY THIS MURAL – Day whatever.

I have been getting back to the mural now and again, and missing several days in between, but this week had had some time on it while working on a silver leafed chair in the studio – lots of drying time in between steps on that – and have made some progress.

I am almost done with the local color inpainting, and have delayed the column capitals about as long as I can. Once I get those done, and the straps in the barrel vault, I have to work on refining the figures. The features are too bland and the hands are still clunky. The orange drapery in the foreground is just an underpainting. I think I will overglaze it with ultramarine blue. I liked what happened on the troubadour’s cap, and that will give me more contrast in the foreground. If I feel up to it, I might give it a damask pattern in all of the folds. I will also be glazing down the shadows considerably, since I want the thing to be much moodier than it is so far.

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