Two years ago I had a floorcloth commission go south on me and I was left with a large canvas panel which I rolled up and stood in a corner. I have been bemoaning the thing for some time, and worried that the latex primer I had painted it with would grow hard and brittle as time passed in its rolled up state, so I finally pinned it up to the wall to see what I could make of it. After some flipping through books and an afternoon with the chalk, I sketched in the basic concept, based on some frescoes at Versailles. Hopefully the result will be a tour-de-force of the contemporary muralist’s art, evoking passion and catharsis at every viewing. Maybe. Or it could end up as a schlocky classical knock-off with limited artistic value, if any. 

Wait and see. Or, avoid the rush, and as e-bay says, Buy Now! Price is negotiable.


This is where we are as of today, 3-13-09. I’m having fun, anyway.

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