A Stencilled Floor

In the spring of ‘08 we painted this beautiful empire style stencilled floor for Mary Drysdale.

artist Sue Crawford lays out the center medallion


We explored a variety of pattern elements and colors for the border as Mary coordinated the fabric choices with the paint selections. 

The diamond pattern of florettes in the center fields went through a number of color choices – first white, then yellow, and finally settling on a pale chartreuse. They are barely visible in these photos. I spent the entire project contemplating a quaint little design whimsy: as they are not quite symmetrical, stencil one repeat backwards as a tiny assault on taking such a grand floor too seriously. I chickened out, BUT on the last day we discovered we had missed one repeat, and I took that as an obvious sign from above. There are roughly 700 florettes and I dare anyone to notice the single sideways element.

artists Margaret Schroeder and Lynn Fuller touch up the leaf border

Substantially complete

The next step was to furnish the room with an assortment of painted and upholstered furniture. This table was custom built and painted to suit the room. Notice that it too goes through several permutations. 

Three versions are shown here, but I think it actually went through five variations. I like the grey/green/hint of yellow one the best. That’s why it is shown on our portfolio page. 

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