Cement based finishes

Yesterday I had the opportunity to revisit a project that we completed last summer in northern Baltimore County where we applied a marmorino-style finish using a burnished two coat cement system with integral pigment. It was a beautiful use of honed texture set into a custom timber frame structure designed by Susan Major of The Hestia Group. 

The space is really good looking, and I am sorry my photos don’t quite capture the subtle richness of the marmorino texture. It has a soft organic quality that is truly unique, and counterpoints the natural wood tones and the clean furnishings very nicely.

artist Becky Seigmund applying the first skim coat.

The cement is tinted with dry pigments, mixed in batches, and trowelled on in two layers. The first layer creates a coarse sand-coat finish, and the second layer is applied over that, with the material trowelled deep into the grit of the first coat. The pressure of the trowel forces the softer paste to rise to the surface, where it can be burnished as it dries. This creates a soft sheen to the material, which we enhance with protective a coat of wax and a final polish with a soft rag.

You can see the texture a little more clearly in this photo of the master bathroom

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